Hall of Hafez

Hall of Hafez is the first moving thea­tre Hall. It is planned to be placed at the northern side of Hall of Ferdowsi in an area of 400 square meters. The hall has been designed by Eng. NiloufarNiksar; and Eng. BehrangBani-Adam is archi­tect of the project.

In the structure of the hall standard requirements of modern theatres have been observed. Hall of Hafez has been designed after Noyster standard. An as­similated type of this hall is fashioned overseas which costs five times more than the construction cost in Iran. The hall has been made in Iran by sandwich panel method using light steels and wa­terproof and fireproof fabric cover for the ceiling.

The 10x 10 square meters theater scene is capable of one, two, three, and four-side switching the audience seats. The seating capacity differs from 175 in two-side position to the maximum 400 in four-side position.

This is the second hall in Iran, Vandat Hall being the first, to have 5 elevatorsfor scene shifts, lifting the decor and accessories and actors. The elevators are capable of lifting 200 -300 kilos up to 7 meters in height and can present 5 different scenes in a single perform­ance.

The hall is lighted using 35 projec­tors with a three-partite audio box be­ing situated next to the make-up, man­agement, and accessories warehouse rooms. There is devised in the hall scene capable of going down to the depth of 3 meters.

As its being movable, the standards of this hall are different from those of other theater halls. Its steel-made light structure has been jointed by screw and spanner, so it can be rolled up and put up in 20 days. The hall is capable of being transferred to any geographical spot requiring only 500 square meters of land.

Movable as it is, the Hafez Hall can meet a large part of the demand of theater in the country and can be used effectively in other provinces.